Creating ClientsCreating EmployeesCreating Campaign Templates

Creating Clients

To create a client, first click on the client tab in the navigation menu on the left. Then, click the new client button on the client tab's toolbar After clicking, a new client window will pop-up. From there you can go through the steps and enter in the client information.
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Creating Employees

To create an employee, first click the Administration drop down in the left hand menu, then click Employees. Then in the employee tab's toolbar, click the new employee button. Finally, in the Add New Employee window, fill in employee information and click save at the bottom.
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Creating Campaign Templates

To create a campaign template, first click the campaign template tab in the navigation menu on the left Then, click the new campaign template button in the toolbar Finally, in the new campaign template window, fill in the Title, Subject, and Body sections and click save at the bottom
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